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10 / Redesign of Judenplatz / 1996-2000 / Jabornegg & Pálffy

Judenplatz 8
1010 Wien
  • PlanerIn: Jabornegg & Pálffy
  • Client: Stadt Wien, Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien
  • Building type: Museums and exhibitions
  • Reachability: U3 Herrengasse
  • Accessibility: The open-air zone is publicly accessible, while the museum is accessible during normal opening hours
  • With its minimalist representation of a hermetically sealed library, the Holocaust Monument by Rachel Whiteread erected before the redesign of the square symbolises the Jewish people as the “people of the Book”. The empty space inside the permanently locked monument embodies the void left by the annihilation of 65,000 Viennese Jews.
  • Foto: MA19

Ein Projekt der Magistratsabteilung 19 Architektur & Stadtgestaltung in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Architekturzentrum Wien und nextroom

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