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01 / Sargfabrik – Communal Housing Project Matznergasse / 1994-1996 / BKK-2

Goldschlagstraße 169
1140 Wien
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The strikingly orange façade and high brick chimney of the former coffin factory, on whose site this housing project embodying a uniformly communal approach was erected, signal its uniqueness from afar: this “communal housing project” represents a successful model of intertwining the public and the private in a residential context.

  • Bauzeit: 1994-1996
  • PlanerIn: BKK-2
  • Client: Verein für integrative Lebensgestaltung
  • Building type: Residential
  • Reachability: U3 Hütteldorferstraße, tram 49, stop: Breitensee
  • Accessibility: Ground-floor restaurant during business hours, partly publicly accessible
  • Foto: Rupert Christanell

  • You can find additional information about this building in the nextroom architectural database