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01 / Vienna Main Library / 2000-2002 / Ernst Mayr

Urban-Loritz-Platz 2A
1070 Wien
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Reminiscent of a giant oil-tanker whose monumental, south-facing flight of steps makes contact with Urban Loritz Platz, the new "Main City Library and Central Administration of Vienna’s Municipal Libraries" rises above the U6 tracks on Neubaugürtel right beside Otto Wagner’s Burggasse station – a good example of urban condensation.

  • Bauzeit: 2000-2002
  • PlanerIn: Ernst Mayr
  • Client: Stadt Wien
  • Building type: Educational
  • Reachability: U6 Burggasse - Stadthalle
  • Accessibility: During business hours
  • With its canopy of 10 white membrane surfaces and 28 steel struts plus the new Main City Library, Urban Loritz Platz – a gateway to the 7th municipal district – has come to symbolise the URBAN project as a whole (Silja Tillner, since 1999).
  • Foto: Rupert Christanell

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