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01 / Redesign of Western Gürtel, Stadtbahn arches / / Silja Tillner

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The EU project URBan InterventION aimed at the upgrading and functional improvement of the central zone of the 6-km western Gürtel section by redesigning and enlarging green spaces and finding new tenants for the Stadtbahn arches to render this dilapidated urban area more attractive and change its image for good.

  • PlanerIn: Silja Tillner
  • Building type: Traffic
  • Reachability: f.e.:U6 Josefstädter Straße
  • Accessibility: The open-air zones are publicly accessible, while the restaurant/bar zones are accessible during business hours
  • The curving steel-glass structure of the Spittelau office building by Silja Tillner (2007) resting atop the Stadtbahn arches follows the former suburban train layout as a displaced circular arc.
  • Foto: Rupert Christanell